Why choose personal training?

With personal training you will get the results you DESIRE!

Do you want to lose fat? Tone muscles? Be healthy? Look better? Be in shape? Quality training where you can be sure not to get hurt?

Don’t endlessly keep trying programs you find on the internet that don’t suit you and your abilities. Close your eyes for a second and imagine the best version of yourself. To achieve that goal of fat loss and looking better, personal training is for YOU.


First and foremost you get a FASTEST way to your goal, CHANGE of your life and GUARANTEED results if you follow the program. SPECIALIZED training and nutrition program custom tailored to YOU. COMPLETE attention of the trainer in every training session. EVERYDAY you get free education on Facebook page and official website. Also you have the possibility of 24/7 contact with the coach. Training where you can be sure to get results and not to get hurt.

Find and choose your desired training: Training programs and SPECIAL training programs.

  • Sanjin Imanic is a bachelor of Kinesiology. Also, Sanjin is certified personal trainer and nutrition consultant. In 2017. he obtained Advanced Health and Exercise Specialist diploma from European Register of Exercise Professionals (europeactive.eu). He was a guest speaker on a few conferences about sport, fitness and health.